The List That Could Save Your Relationship

In Boot Camp for New Dads, the dads-to-be are asked to make a list of things that they and their wives/girlfriends like to do together. They hear that although Mom was usually the relationship driver pre-baby, she won’t have the time or energy with a newborn, so Dad needs to take this on.

Once the baby is about 6 weeks, the list should come out and things should start getting checked off. Post it on the fridge as a reminder to connect.

We do what we call indoor date nights, after the baby goes to sleep. We will watch a movie, sit by the fire, pop open a bottle of wine.
— Veteran Mom at Boot Camp

The list has to be made before baby is here, because if you wait until after, you’re going to find that with the brain fog of a new baby, thinking of things to do together is just one more obstacle to actually doing them. But if you have a list to pull out, that’s one less obstacle to getting back to being a couple. Because there can be plenty. And of course, it reminds you of why you’re together as a couple in the first place.

Check with your guy’s list and see what’s on it and what can be added to it. Think of what you most cherish being able to do together and what things make you feel the most connected/happy/in love. You will be needing those feelings when you’re adjusting to having a new baby at home and are running on fumes.

Your first baby will rock your world (get it?) but can also bring you closer together than ever before. Nothing can bond two people more than taking care of a new life that you both created together.

What’s on your list of favorite things to do with your partner?