How is Boot Camp Different?

Real moms, real babies

There are real babies in the class with their mamas, who are going to fill you in on what their experiences were becoming moms

Interaction, not lecturing

Ask questions, small-group time, hold/change/feed babies. This is not about being lectured at, the Coach introduces important topics and asks Vets to fill in the rest with their real-world advice and solutions so you can make more informed decisions.

Focus on life with baby

Changes in your relationship and what to prepare for, how to handle friends and family, pros and cons of going to work or staying home. 

Emphasis on dad-to-be

His role, how to encourage him, what to expect in your own behavior and how to not let that push dad away, what your brain goes through during pregnancy and motherhood, and what dad is thinking.

Sanity and empowerment

We want to help you have a happy, sane motherhood and empower you and your partner to decide what works best for your family, baby and you.