Bring Boot Camp for New Moms to your country

These are the bullet points to starting a Boot Camp for New Moms program. Every program needs:

  • A sponsor organization with access to expectant moms. This can be a hospital, place of worship, birthing center, government agency/program, community organization, etc. 
  • License to offer Boot Camp. This involves a contract, a one-time fee, and an annual renewal fee. In return, you receive:
    • Program curriculum
    • Lifetime license for the sponsoring organization to offer Boot Camp in one location
    • Training enrollment for one Coach
    • Logo use and marketing materials
    • Lifetime technical support from our trainers and program staff.
  • Trained new-mom facilitators. Because Boot Camp is a peer-to-peer workshop, the program is most effectively delivered when the Coach is a fellow new mom. With that in mind, Coaches should be:
    • New moms who have recently been dealing with the issues these moms-to-be in the workshops are facing,
    • Outgoing and engaging: getting the moms-to-be and new moms to have meaningful discussions about motherhood,
    • Able to elicit thoughtful responses and insight from new moms about the issues covered in Boot Camp,
    • Respectful of other’s opinions and differing parenting methods.

Want to start a Boot Camp?

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