Independent Coach

Have an Impact on New Moms

These are the steps to becoming an independent Certified Boot Camp Coach and starting your Boot Camp for New Moms program:

  • You need a license to offer Boot Camp. This involves a contract, a one-time fee of $495, and a $50 annual renewal.  In return, you receive:
    • License to offer Boot Camp at one location
    • Program curriculum
    • Training enrollment for yourself
    • Logo use and marketing materials
    • Lifetime technical support from our trainers and program staff
  • Become an independent Certified Boot Camp for New Moms Coach. Boot Camp for New Moms is a peer-led workshop, so Coaches need to be:
    • New moms who have recently been dealing with the issues the moms-to-be in the workshops are facing,
    • Outgoing and engaging: getting the moms-to-be and new moms to have meaningful discussions about motherhood,
    • Able to elicit thoughtful responses and insight from new moms about the issues covered in Boot Camp,
    • Respectful of other’s opinions and differing parenting methods.

All independent Boot Camp for New Moms Coaches must complete Master Coach Training before they can start offering the workshop. This two-day intensive shows you how powerful the Boot Camp program can be to empower new moms and build their confidence! You'll see a live Boot Camp and experience all the best practices and core values that make Boot Camp the unique, peer-to-peer program that it is.

  • Set up your website and online registration. Work with BCNM headquarters to pick a custom URL and set up your website with workshop dates so you can take online registrations quickly and easily! Set your own price and for each mom-to-be that registers we retain a $15 fee that covers processing, the workshop companion book each mom-to-be receives: "Crash Course for Moms-to-Be," shipping, website maintenance, and program fees.

Find out more about Boot Camp for New Moms in this Quick Start Guide

Ready to be a Boot Camp Coach?

When you are ready to move forward we will send you the contract to sign and the invoices for the license fee and initial order of 30 registrations. 

International inquiries: We are working on the best way to serve communities outside of the US and Canada, but let us know you're interested by filling out the form below.

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Boot Camp for New Moms requires a strong connection to moms-to-be so you can keep reaching out to first-time pregnant mamas to fill your classes. How do you plan to connect with first-time pregnant women and what avenues to you plan to market and advertise through?

Why Boot Camp?

Becoming an independent certified Boot Camp for New Moms Coach is a great way to make a positive impact on moms-to-be and new moms in your community while securing extra income for yourself. 

The recommended class size is 9-15 moms-to-be and 3-4 new moms with their babies. So, host as many or as few Boot Camp workshops as fit the right class size and your schedule. And, at 3-hours each class, you still have the rest of the day for yourself. 

By setting your own price, you set your own income. A class of 10 expectant moms at $35 each, yields you $200 for one session!

Use the networks and connections you've already made as a mother yourself. Reach out to the moms and kids groups you're already a part of. Connect with your church, favorite baby store, OB or other mom-to-be-centric site to reach moms-to-be. You know how information-hungry moms-to-be are, use that to your advantage by showing them that Boot Camp for New Moms is nourishing soul food.