The Boot Camp Experience

A perfect world would be one where a rookie mom comes home from Boot Camp for New Moms® in Florida and calls her sister in Michigan telling her to go to her local workshop. 

When the two compare notes a few weeks later they will be talking about similar topics, have heard similar strategies, learned about the same concepts, gotten to interact with several new moms and their babies, and have the same book to reference. 

Boot Camp for New Moms® has been around for 5+ years and in that time we have discovered the best practices for reaching and impacting moms-to-be and running successful Boot Camp programs.  For that reason we have put the following expecatations and guidelines in place. 


Have Veteran Moms with their babies at every workshop. Even the most skilled Coach can’t compensate for a lack of Vets and babies. A lack of Vets can cause a vicious cycle: If Rookies attend a workshop without Vets and babies, they won’t know how important it is for them to return when their time comes. We know, it’s inconvenient to cancel a class if you don’t have veteran moms and babies, but truly you’re doing the mom-to-be a favor by rescheduling them for a session that will give them the true Boot Camp experience.

Provide Crash Course for Moms-To-Be to every expectant mom. This companion manual has offered the only way for women to continue learning in more depth about the areas covered in the workshop. The women definitely read it, and refer to it once home.

Have trained Coaches. After the veteran moms, the coach is the most important woman in the room when it comes to delivering an impactful workshop. Because of its peer-to-peer nature, Boot Camp works best when the Coach is a new mom herself and recently (or still) dealing with the issues new motherhood presents. Whenever you bring a new Coach on board, she will need to be trained by a Coach who has attended Master Coach Training or go to MCT herself.

Generally follow the workshop curriculum. We talk about what we talk about for a reason. And knowing about the topics covered helps parents-to-be get off to the best start possible when bringing their first baby home.

Provide the workshop as a three-hour session. This includes the first hour of facilitated discussion, second hour of small groups, and third hour of more facilitated discussion.


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