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Boot Camp is a unique workshop where moms-to-be
get advice, insight and tips from real new moms and their babies.

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Boot Camp for New Moms is the perfect program for moms-to-be; offering a no guilt, no judgment place for expectant and new moms to hear a variety of experiences about how to raise baby. 

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New moms share their experiences to show you there's no one "right" way. Plus learn what dad-to-be is going through, how to bring out the best in him and how to handle becoming a mom. 

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What's Going on With Dad-To-Be?


Dads-to-be learn what to expect as they become fathers from the real experts: New Dads and their babies. Guys talk about supporting moms and their new babies in this workshop.

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Real-world Advice from New Moms

Get real-world-based tips, advice, insight, help, and stories to help moms-to-be and new moms navigate first-time motherhood. Find what works for your family.

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